Friday, December 24, 2010

Those Whom We Remember....

Lovely Trixie

Beautiful Topaz
Darling Teddy
Wonderful Woody
Awesome Arcie
Precious Rummy
Brilliant Sam
Fast Trev
Gorgeous Gwennie
Happy Ginsing
Pretty Porter
Smiley Riley
Wheelin' Travis
Cami Squirrel-Bane
Abby the Adorable
Lucious Lacy
Tim, a wonderful human and friend to all corgis
Trueheart Tasha
Ellie, who saw with her heart not her eyes
 Molly who keeps an eye on everything
Dashing Dan Dan
Cute little Cowboy
 Incredible Edie
Our favorite nurse, Nurse Wendy
Handsome Jerry Bear
Annie, Dances with Papillions
 Odie and Lucky
Our Good Dylan
Magnificent Misha

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