Monday, December 7, 2009

Memorial photos for the Watching, 2009


Gwennie Linnea



Golden Gwinn









Buzz and Kramer







Miss Daisy



Marty and Indy, Angel and Bear


Liz and Lex



Little Su




St. John


Merridy and Gobie

Saturday, November 14, 2009

CorgiAid activities

And how could I forget all of this? CorgiAid is having their annual auction beginning tomorrow. Go to: and bidding also begins tomorrow and ends November 29th. Lots of corgi and non corgi stuff (check out those wonderful "state" baskets people have been donating!). There are cookies, state baskets, toys, grooming items, artwork, jewelry, books, toys, calendars, you name it and one of our creative donors has come up with an idea that will interest you! Every cent goes to CorgiAid!

We have also chosen two of the illustrations from the Watching book to become ornaments. If they aren't up not, they should be, soon. Also the CorgiAid calendar featuring 12 corgis who were helped by CorgiAid, and their stories. Go to: for these items. You can also go to: as they have a calendar featuring the "I CAN!" corgis who must be in a wheelcart because of back injuries or DM. Many of these corgis are in carts provided by CorgiAid's loaned cart program. You can buy from both places and then check out once, which will save you money on the shipping. All profits from the first site goes directly to CorgiAid, the profits from the wheelcorgis site goes to purchase carts for corgis to be loaned out (and are therefore owned by CorgiAid, so they benefit in a round about way....).

And if you have been living somewhere else the last ten years, and don't know about it, Corgiaid is found at where you can read about the dogs who have been helped this year and in previous years.

If you have forgotten to order your book, "The Watching:, this can be ordered off the CorgiAid site, too, look for the tab that is under the banner at the top.

Thank you ALL for making CorgiAid what it is, a huge success for the corgis who need us most......

The Further Adventures of TBBEYTM Aisling

If you have been following Aisling's adventures, you already know she is a kleptomaniac, steals everything she can and then looks at you with big, innocent and kind eyes. I guess stealing is all in one's perception of whether it is actually stealing or not.

About a week after the Ladder Incident, Jerry was sitting in the front room and saw this going on:

Apparently, Jerry put a dog cookie up there one night that he intended to give to someone as an extra incentive at bedtime to get someone to go into their crate. He forgot about it and the next day, I found it and handed it to the nearest corgi. Also apparent is that there are residual molecules that cluster about the last known site of a cookie's life, much as a ghost will hang around some areas. And, Aisling, being ever curious and totally food driven, pushed the fox over on the little table and proceeded to climb up and examine the site for further evidence of the ghostly cookie's previous domain.

Oh, but it get worse. She has two daughters, Goodness and Mercy, who are now about 10 months old. (Shirley, the fluff, is being reared by a brother to Aisling, I expect great things out of her one day, too!) Although they exhibit some sterling qualities passed on by their sire's DNA, we must remember that they are being reared by the Beautiful but Evil yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling herownself.

This morning, Jerry the Rastafarian, decided to have Justin and Mercy accompany him to work. He works at a small airport here in Northern Michigan. And the pilots and passengers who come in like to see the dogs. Our most famous celebrity so far has been the Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm. Our greeting party for that day included Hayley and Topaz, as well as Jerry, myself and Jim, the airport manager. All Republicans, I might add, even though Jen herself claims to be Democrat. :) No one else was here to greet her!

Jerry's habit is to leave here and go get some kind of pastry on the way in, for himself and whoever might stop by the airport. This morning's choice was blueberry muffins. He put them in the back of the vehicle to be sure that they were "safe". Nuh uh. Mercy climbed in the back and claimed she was guarding the muffins from terrorists. So he rescued said muffins and took them in the building, along with the two corgis.

When Jerry went outside to do something, she then ate the food that Jim left behind for his dogs. Then she got into the trash and ate the wrapping that the muffins came in. The trash can is completely empty. What a helpful corgi! Jerry had secreted the muffins safely in the refrigerator. When he called to tell me this, he told me he was putting his lunch and his wallet in there, too. No point in letting her get her paws on his credit card.

By the way, this all happened by 8:30 this morning......

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Watching is coming!

The Watching: A Corgi Christmas Tale

By Millie J. Williams

With original art by Evie Anderson, Kay Folk, Robert Holst, Kim Hundley, Chris Landers, Ginnie Mickelson, Diane Puntenney, Cindy Read, Cathy Santarsiero, John Scarinici, Christian Slade, and Barbie Sonnett

“Christmas was coming, and Princess Cheveu and all the other corgis and animals at the Castle were preparing for a mysterious and magical event called the Watching. A little red and white corgi, Lola, had been abandoned at the Castle doorway because she couldn’t do her job herding farm animals. Like other lucky rescued dogs, she had found safety at last. But would she be able to overcome her fears and journey to the field for the Watching? And what big surprise would await the Watchers?”

The annual version of “The Watching,” usually released for Christmas Eve, has become a tradition in corgidom. Millie Williams wrote the original story in 2002 for the Corgese list on Yahoo Groups, and since then it has been enjoyed each year by thousands of readers on Corgese, Corgi-L, WheelCorgis, and other e-mail lists. Each year, people have looked forward to the new story, and in 2008, “The Watching: Misty” was published, with photos, on the Web. Now the 2009 story―The Watching: A Corgi Christmas Tale―is being immortalized in a more permanent form, published as a beautiful full color paperback book with dazzling artwork.
All net proceeds for these books (after printing and shipping) benefit CorgiAid. The books will be shipped beginning December 1, so pre-order now to guarantee you’ll have your copy before Christmas. Books ordered by November 15 will include a special bookplate, signed by the author herself. The books are only $20 each, which includes shipping, so order extras as gifts for all your animal-loving friends, young and old. International orders are $27 each.

To order, go to:

Coming December 1st: A special two-week only eBay auction of the original artwork, created for The Watching: A Corgi Christmas Tale, by Evie Anderson, Kay Folk, Robert Holst, Kim Hundley, Chris Landers, Ginnie Mickelson, Diane Puntenney, Cindy Read, Cathy Santarsiero, John Scarinici, Christian Slade, and Barbie Sonnett.

Coming Soon: A limited edition series of holiday ornaments featuring original art created for The Watching: A Corgi Christmas Tale.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Beautiful but Evil yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling

Ok there is a story. Really. You all know how misunderstood the Beautiful but Evil yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling is. The rumors of her stealing sandwiches is legendary.

Well today she did it. She really, really did it and was terribly misunderstood.

We have a large wooden box on the porch that holds "stuff" and therefore has a lid and therefore is a horizontal surface which catches "stuff" all the time. The current box of "stuff" is a box containing 2 dozen plastic flamingoes which I was trying to con someone into giving me real money for on Craigslist. But I digress....Since the dang box of flamingoes is in the way and since it is 60 or 70 feet out to the "trash shed" where I can put empty dog food bags filled with puppy papers and puppy "stuff", it's much easier to pitch the half filled bag on top of the flamingoes to keep certain ever hungry corgis from tearing it to shreds to find the 6 molecules of unconsumed dog food clinging to the plastic inner lining. So said bag was flung up there because it was only half filled with puppy papers.

Sometime yesterday, the ever brilliant Jerry, the Rastafarian, placed, without thinking about it too hard, a 5 foot high stepladder against the wooden box which the flamingoes rested on which also contained the half full dog food bag.

A little while ago, we looked out the window. Something didn't look right. Something was out of order in the universe.

And here is Aisling, absolutely brilliant in her pursuit of food and rocket sciencetry (is that a word?), climbing up the ladder. Really. She's never been trained to do that before. But with the lure of 6 molecules of uneaten dog food beckoning her, how could she resist?

So there she is, caught red handed. And trying to get out of it. And claiming she was misunderstood in her intentions.

You have to love this girl. And I have two daughters of hers.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful Animal Videos

Today I am going to add some wonderful animal videos that I have found over time. Some of these just make you smile!

This is a brand new one, love the music and fabulous training and editing:
(Beach party!)

Awesome Circus Trick!

Frosty dancing to "Shake your tailfeathers" !

What a Wonderful World...

Smart dog who can scratch his back

Attila does Canine Freestyle (Charlie Chaplin)

Tina Humphrey and Bluecroft My Blue Heaven do dressage together

Lorenzo and his amazing flying horses

A Doggy Christmas Surprise

Another Doggy Christmas video:

The Pizza Plan

Carolyn Scott and Rookie - Freestyle

I'm too Sexy....(this was played to the tune "I'm too Sexy..." but was edited out by you tube.

World's smartest mouse

Stay out of the Wheelcorgi's way!

Give a Squirrel a helping hand:

Boston Terrier having too much fun on the agility course

Do you have a favorite animal video? Put is in the comments section!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Family Portrait

"Ok, guys? Guys, let's all line up on the steps so I can take your photos. Come on, there is a cookie in it for everyone who cooperates....."

"All right but Allie, I need your butt out of the photo. I know it's warm there and all but this is just for the baybee corgis. Shirley, you don't need to smile right now. Just hold that thought for just a minute, please? Thanks!"

"Yes, Allie, go on up the stairs and you can come lie in the sun in a few minutes. Shirley, don't smile just yet. Goodness, can you please come down one step for me, honey?"

"Allie, you need to make up your mind where you want to go, just make it not be here, please. Girls? Pay attention and get on the first step. Don't make faces at each other, either."

"Allie, I know you have lost a lot of weight but your butt is still in the picture. Please leave the pups alone and go lie in the sun. Goodness, you don't need to smile just yet. And can you please sit down pretty for me? Mercy, please try and pay attention."

"Now that's better. OK, Shirley and Goodness, don't look so serious. Mercy, can you please look at me and can everyone please smile for the birdie?"

"Well, this is about as good as it gets, reasonably clean, sitting straight and not smiling but looking ever so serious for our first Family Portrait!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Easter Story by Olivia

Warning: Graphic photos that may upset some viewers!

This is the story of a little corgi named Olivia, who got a Peeps chick for Easter. Olivia was not sure what it was. It was blue and didn't look at all like the chickens that MillieMom had in the special pen outside. And it didn't sqwuak or run around or act silly. It didn't even cluck. Olivia thought she would just lay there with it and watch it for a while.

After a while, she decided to get up and try to get it to play. Maybe the chick was just shy. After she carried it around for a while, she put it down.

Finally she called JerryDad over who had been watching her try to be friends with it. He told her to try and take a little bite of it. He said it was good to eat and that being a corgi, she should like anything that has to do with food. But Olivia still wasn't sure about this.

Alas! Olivia was still too upset by the fact that this was a blue chick. She did try a bite, though and we are hopeful that she will participate more fully in the Destruction of the Peeps, our annual Easter celebration, next year.

The End.