Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Easter Story by Olivia

Warning: Graphic photos that may upset some viewers!

This is the story of a little corgi named Olivia, who got a Peeps chick for Easter. Olivia was not sure what it was. It was blue and didn't look at all like the chickens that MillieMom had in the special pen outside. And it didn't sqwuak or run around or act silly. It didn't even cluck. Olivia thought she would just lay there with it and watch it for a while.

After a while, she decided to get up and try to get it to play. Maybe the chick was just shy. After she carried it around for a while, she put it down.

Finally she called JerryDad over who had been watching her try to be friends with it. He told her to try and take a little bite of it. He said it was good to eat and that being a corgi, she should like anything that has to do with food. But Olivia still wasn't sure about this.

Alas! Olivia was still too upset by the fact that this was a blue chick. She did try a bite, though and we are hopeful that she will participate more fully in the Destruction of the Peeps, our annual Easter celebration, next year.

The End.


  1. Awwww that was too adorable Millie, Hugs & kisses to Olivia & Allie too

    Maggie (PWC)

  2. I feel just like Olivia does about Peeps.