Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Family Portrait

"Ok, guys? Guys, let's all line up on the steps so I can take your photos. Come on, there is a cookie in it for everyone who cooperates....."

"All right but Allie, I need your butt out of the photo. I know it's warm there and all but this is just for the baybee corgis. Shirley, you don't need to smile right now. Just hold that thought for just a minute, please? Thanks!"

"Yes, Allie, go on up the stairs and you can come lie in the sun in a few minutes. Shirley, don't smile just yet. Goodness, can you please come down one step for me, honey?"

"Allie, you need to make up your mind where you want to go, just make it not be here, please. Girls? Pay attention and get on the first step. Don't make faces at each other, either."

"Allie, I know you have lost a lot of weight but your butt is still in the picture. Please leave the pups alone and go lie in the sun. Goodness, you don't need to smile just yet. And can you please sit down pretty for me? Mercy, please try and pay attention."

"Now that's better. OK, Shirley and Goodness, don't look so serious. Mercy, can you please look at me and can everyone please smile for the birdie?"

"Well, this is about as good as it gets, reasonably clean, sitting straight and not smiling but looking ever so serious for our first Family Portrait!"


  1. Bummer. Each paragraph has a picture placed quite nicely (NOT) on the script.
    Nancy and corgwyn

  2. Thanks. It is so much like trying to get pictures of my two together, except that you actually got them to cooperate!

  3. Always an adventure at Kallista Castle. Beautiful puppies Millie.


  4. Beautiful pups in the sunshine, looks like a lovely day at The Castle. Thank you for sharing! :)