Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Beautiful but Evil yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling

Ok there is a story. Really. You all know how misunderstood the Beautiful but Evil yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling is. The rumors of her stealing sandwiches is legendary.

Well today she did it. She really, really did it and was terribly misunderstood.

We have a large wooden box on the porch that holds "stuff" and therefore has a lid and therefore is a horizontal surface which catches "stuff" all the time. The current box of "stuff" is a box containing 2 dozen plastic flamingoes which I was trying to con someone into giving me real money for on Craigslist. But I digress....Since the dang box of flamingoes is in the way and since it is 60 or 70 feet out to the "trash shed" where I can put empty dog food bags filled with puppy papers and puppy "stuff", it's much easier to pitch the half filled bag on top of the flamingoes to keep certain ever hungry corgis from tearing it to shreds to find the 6 molecules of unconsumed dog food clinging to the plastic inner lining. So said bag was flung up there because it was only half filled with puppy papers.

Sometime yesterday, the ever brilliant Jerry, the Rastafarian, placed, without thinking about it too hard, a 5 foot high stepladder against the wooden box which the flamingoes rested on which also contained the half full dog food bag.

A little while ago, we looked out the window. Something didn't look right. Something was out of order in the universe.

And here is Aisling, absolutely brilliant in her pursuit of food and rocket sciencetry (is that a word?), climbing up the ladder. Really. She's never been trained to do that before. But with the lure of 6 molecules of uneaten dog food beckoning her, how could she resist?

So there she is, caught red handed. And trying to get out of it. And claiming she was misunderstood in her intentions.

You have to love this girl. And I have two daughters of hers.....


  1. I soooo want those flamingoes!! Aosling is a smart little bunny butt. I love the fact that she noticed that one spot that is NOT a step...

    Nancy in Kingston

  2. Very cute story, Millie. So much like the male thought process at my place! LOL.
    Anita from NADOI.

  3. 2Grandmas2, where do you live? Maybe I can get them to you? Are you a flamingo nut like I am? :)