Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful Animal Videos

Today I am going to add some wonderful animal videos that I have found over time. Some of these just make you smile!

This is a brand new one, love the music and fabulous training and editing:
(Beach party!)

Awesome Circus Trick!

Frosty dancing to "Shake your tailfeathers" !

What a Wonderful World...

Smart dog who can scratch his back

Attila does Canine Freestyle (Charlie Chaplin)

Tina Humphrey and Bluecroft My Blue Heaven do dressage together

Lorenzo and his amazing flying horses

A Doggy Christmas Surprise

Another Doggy Christmas video:

The Pizza Plan

Carolyn Scott and Rookie - Freestyle

I'm too Sexy....(this was played to the tune "I'm too Sexy..." but was edited out by you tube.

World's smartest mouse

Stay out of the Wheelcorgi's way!

Give a Squirrel a helping hand:

Boston Terrier having too much fun on the agility course

Do you have a favorite animal video? Put is in the comments section!

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