Saturday, November 14, 2009

CorgiAid activities

And how could I forget all of this? CorgiAid is having their annual auction beginning tomorrow. Go to: and bidding also begins tomorrow and ends November 29th. Lots of corgi and non corgi stuff (check out those wonderful "state" baskets people have been donating!). There are cookies, state baskets, toys, grooming items, artwork, jewelry, books, toys, calendars, you name it and one of our creative donors has come up with an idea that will interest you! Every cent goes to CorgiAid!

We have also chosen two of the illustrations from the Watching book to become ornaments. If they aren't up not, they should be, soon. Also the CorgiAid calendar featuring 12 corgis who were helped by CorgiAid, and their stories. Go to: for these items. You can also go to: as they have a calendar featuring the "I CAN!" corgis who must be in a wheelcart because of back injuries or DM. Many of these corgis are in carts provided by CorgiAid's loaned cart program. You can buy from both places and then check out once, which will save you money on the shipping. All profits from the first site goes directly to CorgiAid, the profits from the wheelcorgis site goes to purchase carts for corgis to be loaned out (and are therefore owned by CorgiAid, so they benefit in a round about way....).

And if you have been living somewhere else the last ten years, and don't know about it, Corgiaid is found at where you can read about the dogs who have been helped this year and in previous years.

If you have forgotten to order your book, "The Watching:, this can be ordered off the CorgiAid site, too, look for the tab that is under the banner at the top.

Thank you ALL for making CorgiAid what it is, a huge success for the corgis who need us most......

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