Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Further Adventures of TBBEYTM Aisling

If you have been following Aisling's adventures, you already know she is a kleptomaniac, steals everything she can and then looks at you with big, innocent and kind eyes. I guess stealing is all in one's perception of whether it is actually stealing or not.

About a week after the Ladder Incident, Jerry was sitting in the front room and saw this going on:

Apparently, Jerry put a dog cookie up there one night that he intended to give to someone as an extra incentive at bedtime to get someone to go into their crate. He forgot about it and the next day, I found it and handed it to the nearest corgi. Also apparent is that there are residual molecules that cluster about the last known site of a cookie's life, much as a ghost will hang around some areas. And, Aisling, being ever curious and totally food driven, pushed the fox over on the little table and proceeded to climb up and examine the site for further evidence of the ghostly cookie's previous domain.

Oh, but it get worse. She has two daughters, Goodness and Mercy, who are now about 10 months old. (Shirley, the fluff, is being reared by a brother to Aisling, I expect great things out of her one day, too!) Although they exhibit some sterling qualities passed on by their sire's DNA, we must remember that they are being reared by the Beautiful but Evil yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling herownself.

This morning, Jerry the Rastafarian, decided to have Justin and Mercy accompany him to work. He works at a small airport here in Northern Michigan. And the pilots and passengers who come in like to see the dogs. Our most famous celebrity so far has been the Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm. Our greeting party for that day included Hayley and Topaz, as well as Jerry, myself and Jim, the airport manager. All Republicans, I might add, even though Jen herself claims to be Democrat. :) No one else was here to greet her!

Jerry's habit is to leave here and go get some kind of pastry on the way in, for himself and whoever might stop by the airport. This morning's choice was blueberry muffins. He put them in the back of the vehicle to be sure that they were "safe". Nuh uh. Mercy climbed in the back and claimed she was guarding the muffins from terrorists. So he rescued said muffins and took them in the building, along with the two corgis.

When Jerry went outside to do something, she then ate the food that Jim left behind for his dogs. Then she got into the trash and ate the wrapping that the muffins came in. The trash can is completely empty. What a helpful corgi! Jerry had secreted the muffins safely in the refrigerator. When he called to tell me this, he told me he was putting his lunch and his wallet in there, too. No point in letting her get her paws on his credit card.

By the way, this all happened by 8:30 this morning......

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