Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Faith, and other things

Bet you thought you were going to see a sermon, huh? No, this is about Faith, a sweet girl that came to me from Eliya just about a year ago. 
Faith somehow managed to break her leg at Eliya's when she was very young.  When Eliya wrote me, I had my heart in my throat as she told me the story, I thought for sure she was going to say that she had to put Faith down and I just dearly loved this little one from the time I set eyes on her.  She is so people friendly and stops whatever she is doing to come and see what you are doing. Follows us around all the time.
So Faith came home, with a cast on because we agreed that for an 11 hour car trip, it might be best to protect the leg even though Eliya felt it was healed. And then we took the cast off a day or two later.  Within the week, she was jumping up onto the big wooden cable spools we have in lieu of mountains for our goats.    A few times I had to wince, closing my eyes and turning my head, sure the next thing I heard would be a goat crying for help!  But she managed fine and the leg is strong and well now.
Then she discovered sweet grass on the other side of the livestock fencing.  This is 4 x 4, the panels which we felt were safest for the goats next to the horses.  The little ones can stick their heads through and eat grass.  Then everyone got too big to do it. Except Faith, who managed to work out the geometry and square inches and turn her head slightly and could wedge it in to get to the grass.  For a couple of weeks I was able to unwedge her and had to remember to keep an eye out, as she would simply lie down and wait to be rescued.  Often I'd find the other baby girls cuddled up next to her "this looks like a good place that Faith has chosen to nap in".  I was worried about the hot sun on a very hot day.  
Then, one day, I could not get her unstuck.  Turned, twisted and pulled.  Thought about vaseline, cooking oil or dish soap.  She was really stuck.  This time she yelled "GET ME OUT!"  She also she used other language that I know did not come from Eliya's farm but from those other bigger girls who weren't raised with exactly the same goat morality that Eliya imprints upon her babies. 
So a careful excision was attempted with a hacksaw, trying to not cut the goat's throat as she laid there, chewing her cut, certain that "it's all about me" and getting the attention that she so rightfully deserves.  A small 4" chunk of metal was removed, the rescuers all thanked and sent on their way. For about an hour. And she did it again.  There are a number of 4 x 8" holes in the fence now whereas they used to all be nice, neat, organized 4 x 4" holes.  And I have learned a new skill, how to use a hacksaw.  Goats are so good for teaching us how to do things.
Thankfully, Fall intervened, the grass withered and Faith lost interest in dry grass.  But she sill goes out and eats the green grass thru the 4 x 8" holes now and lies down and looks at me like "I'm stuck, can you call all the nice people who pet me, again?"  "No, Faith" I say as I wiggle her easily out of the way too big hole.
And then there was Sunday.  I was on the phone with a friend, my cell really only works well in the yard. So I go and lean on the goat fence and admire my beauties and talk to the babies who yell "Maaaaaa!" at me in an attempt to get some extra milk.  As I wandered out there, I saw a goat on top of the big round bale we just had placed there to save me a little time in the morning since I have to bottle feed the babies.  There is a fence panel wrapped around it, a good idea I'd gotten from a local friend, and a tarp over the whole thing.  And here is a goat.  On top.  Bouncing up and down like a trampoline.  I will give you three guesses who it was.  Yep.  Faith.  Who is having the time of her life and I have visions of her screaming "Banzai!!" and making a mighty leap off the bale.  I have no idea how on earth she was ever able to get up there.  I hung up quickly on my friend, tried to not panic and got in there as fast as I could.  Faith didn't want to come down! She had discovered a new world, she was the biggest goat of all and had conquered a new mountain previously undiscovered by the other goats.  Of course, I didn't go for a camera which I would have if I had realized what a really good time she was having.
Now you all know how to make a goat trampoline.

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